SPECIAL CLASS: A Modern Approach to Classical Alignment w/ Tim Kelleher (180 min) // SAT 10/9 @ 10AM ET / 7AM PT


Alignment is our shared language in yoga practice. Alignment is about relationships, within the body and with the world. Good alignment is personal, but the practices are universal.

Using classical principles of alignment, we will explore the fundamental actions that appear again and again in asana practice. The actions we will explore are eminently useful and repeatable inner structures that compose all the different shapes we know and love. We will learn how to use the body as a measuring tool for itself, and how to teach action instead of shape.

Building off a few foundational asana, we will explore a range of classical poses. You can expect to move specifically, hold poses for longer periods of time, and thread awareness into each posture.

Simplicity leads to accessibility, progress and illumination in ourselves and our students.  Slowing things down means we can notice twice as much.

** This workshop is part of the 200-hour Empowered Deeper Studies Programs. Click here to learn more.

  • Class Level: All Levels
  • Ease/Intensity: Moderate – you’ll get a great workout, and still have energy after class.
  • Props: One blanket

Camera On Policy: 🎥 We require all students to have their camera ON for the duration of class. This is for a few reasons: for your safety, for the teacher to be able to teach clearly, and for the integrity of the class. This also ensures that our classes are a safe environment for all students!

About your teacher: Tim uses his practice to bring a sense of strength and stability to his life. Tim is a father of two, in long term recovery, a music snob and an alignment nerd. Co-Founder of Boston Yoga Union, Tim is known as a teacher of teachers, and his innovative approach to practice and commitment to community building keep the heart of yoga alive in his classes.

With well over 1000hrs of training in a variety of methodologies, you can expect a precise, challenging and eclectic class, with some insight on yoga philosophy and a bad joke or two for good measure.

Learn more about Tim here.