Alignment Slow Flow with Jane (60 min) // MON 7AM ET / 4AM PT


Welcome to Alignment Slow Flow, where the art of placement is on purpose! This is for students who love the precision of alignment but also yearn for the freedom to move with expression! This is a dynamic education-focused class where students are invited to simply be curious. Expect light anatomy speak, exploration of joint functions and emphasis on refining the subtleties. We will periodically take time to stop and “workshop” a pose, a transitions or a concept in detail. You will be encouraged to self study, personalize your experience and leverage practice as a gateway to realign with Self & Source. You will leave with the essentials of a practice rooted in longevity and sustainability that will serve you for years to come. Essentially this class is in service to the sheer joy of moving the body with grace and ease! Expect to be challenged and empowered! ALL are welcome!

  • Class Level: Strong beginner to Intermediate
  • Ease/Intensity: Moderate
  • Props: two blocks and strap encouraged but not required
  • Class Also Meets: Wednesdays

Camera On Policy: 🎥 We require all students to have their camera ON for the duration of class. This is for a few reasons: for your safety, for the teacher to be able to teach clearly, and for the integrity of the class. This also ensures that our classes are a safe environment for all students!

About your teacher: Jane, a forever a student, and often a teacher, holds over 1500 hours of teacher training from multiple schools including over 600 hours from Baptiste Institute. She has been blessed to study with many great teachers including Baron Baptiste, Natasha Rizopoulous, Barbara Benagh and Patricia Walden. She is a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor from Kripalu Institute and Down Under Yoga. She also loves to teach Meditation and periodically retreat to study silence at Hridaya Institute. Yoga has taught her to approach life with an insatiable curiosity and openness of spirit. She teaches a soulful, slow flow alignment based vinyasa where self inquire is encouraged and joy of being is the pinnacle.

Learn more about Jane here.