FRI: 3:00 – 4:00PM (ET) MOVEYoga w/ Cornelius Jones Jr // Black Boys OM Academy


MOVEYoga:  A soulful deep house power-vinyasa flow with movement.  Prepare yourself to stretch, strengthen, and tone the body but also build on your natural physical vocabulary to free your mind of mental & physical limitation by accessing the body you were blessed with & to move with through prana, asana & mindful movement.  This is an open-level class.  

YOGABURN: a group yoga class focused on stretching, burning, and defining every major muscle group through a combination of vinyasa power yoga, cardiovascular, and plyometric exercises. This class is designed to strengthen your overall physical practice. The class is always exciting and invigorating with extensive and creative yoga routines and the freshest music. 

POWERFoundations: a power yoga class building on the foundational postures of Vinyasa yoga to strengthen, tone, and balance the body and mind.

Ompractice members:  This is a discounted class (not free), and all proceeds from drop-ins go to support Black Boys OM and their mission.

Learn more about Black Boys OM and get involved at

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