Chair Yoga for Self Healing w/ Dielle (50 min) // SAT 10AM ET / 7AM PT


This class will focus on gentle and adaptable movements for relaxation, communicating deeply and lovingly with the body, and yogic ways to bring healing and even relief to life’s ongoing challenges. We’ll spend most of our time doing easy, supported poses with the chair and a portion turning our attentions within in order to develop our concentration, heart-mind connection, and resilience to stress. It’s a perfect combo for those looking for a practice that’s easy on the body while bringing both great benefit to the mind and deep healing to your whole being.

  • Class Level: All levels 
  • Ease/Intensity: Gentle – seated slow holds
  • Props:
    • A sturdy, armless, no-skid chair with a flat seat. (Placing the chair on a yoga mat if you have one is a good way to keep it from sliding under you.)
    • Comfortable clothes and bare feet (or sticky yoga socks for warm toes!)
    • Optional – yoga blocks or a large towel or blanket

Please position your camera on a table approximately 6-8 feet from your chair and angle to the extent possible so that your instructor will have a full view of your body standing by as well as sitting in the chair.

About Your Teacher: Dielle is an author, artist, and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with over 20 years experience in movement including various forms of dance; hatha, kundalini, and yin yoga; and somatics. She is also an experienced meditation, breath and voicework facilitator with a background in energy work and Toltec shamanism. Dielle believes that yoga should be practiced with a sense of lightness, curiosity and patience. It is only in slowing down that we can actually become aware of our choices, not just during practice, but in life. In addition to yoga she loves mantra and vocal toning as a way to meld the body, mind and spirit. 

Learn more about Dielle here.