Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (60 min) with Michael Lee // MON 6pm ET / 3pm PT


For all levels, this class offers mindfulness in motion with a body focus that progresses towards a more meditative approach at the end of class.. Class will begin with a warm-up, 2 to 3 standing postures, 2 to 3 mat postures, savasana, a seated breath-focused meditation, and finally “setting your compass from within”.

Class will conclude with a short theme-based dharma talk on one of the 8 Themes of the Phoenix Rising Method (Befriending Your Body, Awareness, Acceptance, Choice, Discernment, Truth, Truth in Action, and Flow) and guide you to use the theme in the following week off the mat, learning how to listen to your body to bring more wisdom, tranquility, and contentment to your life.

  • Class Level: all levels
  • Ease/Intensity: Gentle – slow sustained movements on mat
  • Props: recommended – something comfortable to sit on for meditation, enough space to be able to swing your arms, and a light blanket to cover up for savasana and meditation.

**Michael Lee’s classes will be taught by Sarah Greco on 11/11, 11/18, 11/25 and 12/2.**

About Your Teacher: Michael Lee, M.A., Dip.Soc.Sci., C-IAYT, is the Founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, a leading edge yoga based modality for psycho-emotional well-being and an IAYT Accredited Program. He has traveled the world teaching and presenting at conferences since 1986.

With a background in Behavioral Sciences, he left his home in Australia to come to the USA in 1984 to study and live for 2 years at the Kripalu Ashram (as it was in those days) while completing a Masters Degree with a focus on yoga therapy for life transformation.
He is the author of two books, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: A Bridge from Body to Soul and Turn Stress Into Bliss and a contributing author in two American Psychological Association published texts.
Learn more about Michael here.
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