Slow Flow Ashtanga Yoga w/ Charina (60 min) // SUN 11AM ET // 8AM PT


This class is perfect for anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of Ashtanga yoga. You will learn the principles of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara) A & B and the foundation postures while being gently introduced to the rhythm of the practice. Learn and integrate standing postures and how they relate to the deep hip and hamstring opening asanas within the seated sequence.

  • Class Level: previous Hatha Yoga experience recommended
  • Ease/Intensity: Moderate-Intense – slow sustained movements on mat

About Your Teacher: Charina began her yoga journey in 2004 with a desire to find peace and equanimity in her fast paced life. Charina started teaching yoga in 2011. Her teaching journey started by sharing the benefits of yoga through her work as a social worker at a skilled nursing facility where post- operative patients were introduced to yoga and found the benefit of movement and breathing. Charina is passionate in empowering students to tap into their own inner well of strength and helps her students receive the healing benefits of yoga and to find freedom and ease both on and off the mat. 

Learn more about Charina here.