Tai Chi & Qi Gong with Ann Swanson (45 min) // WED 8pm ET / 5pm PT


Tai chi and qi gong are flowing forms of martial arts from China practiced today for their myriad of health benefits. This 45 minute beginner class will leave you feeling relaxed, focused, and energized.

This class is based on traditional tai chi adapted by a team of medical experts and researchers to be accessible and easy to learn in the modern day. It is gently enough for folks dealing with many medical conditions but involves a level  of focus that anyone can benefit from.

Traditionally, tai chi is done in flat, comfortable shoes, but you can also do it barefoot. Most of the class will be done standing (no mat is needed) and you may want to have a chair nearby to rest. Wear comfortable clothes and experience the benefits for yourself from your living room!

Your teacher, Ann Swanson, was introduced to tai chi studying under a master in Shanghai, China. She went on to earn certifications under Dr. Paul Lam, a medical doctor and tai chi master who developed programs that research suggests can relieve pain, help arthritis symptoms, and improve balance.

NOTE: You’ll need a space free of clutter on the floor of at least 6 ft. by 6 ft.

  • Class Level: all levels – beginner friendly!
  • Ease/Intensity: Gentle- slow and continuous standing movements
  • Props: Chair recommended but not required
  • Camera On Policy: 🎥 We require all students to have their camera ON for the duration of class. This is for a few reasons: for your safety, for the teacher to be able to teach clearly, and for the integrity of the class. This also ensures that our classes are a safe environment for all students!

About Your Teacher: Ann Swanson, MS, C-IAYT, LMT, ERYT500, is a certified yoga therapist, speaker, and author of Science of Yoga, which is currently being translated into over 10 languages. Ann supports people living in living happier, healthier lives by making yoga and wellness non-intimidating and accessible to everybody. With a Master of Science in yoga therapy and roots studying yoga in India and tai chi/qi gong China, Ann uniquely applies cutting-edge research to mind-body practices while maintaining the heart of the traditions.

Learn more about Ann here.