Teacher Platform Plan

$225.00 every 3 months

Here are the quick details on pricing:

  • We are waiving our $150 set up fee. 
  • Pricing is currently $225/quarter ($75/mo).  To accommodate as many teachers as we can, and because we are waiving set up fees, this first payment is non-refundable. This will allow us to onboard as many people as we can quickly. 
  • We do not take a percentage of your revenue. You will get all of your per-class earnings minus credit card processing fees. 
  • We are giving  your own free teacher membership so you can practice as much as you want (if you already have one, we will refund this month and make it free going forward)

What this includes:

  • Your own Ompractice page with your classes set up 
  • Your Zoom pro-license for three months
  • A schedule with up to 10 classes to start for your own community of students

Please note that to start, all new teachers remain OFF the main Ompractice public schedule. This means that you’ll have a page set up with your classes, but you will be marketing to your own community. We will set up your page, with a maximum of 10 classes to start.