Vinyasa Class with Alana // Sunday


This is a LIVE hour of power yoga practice with Alana from your home! This is not one-on-one but a fun 60 minute GROUP class.  Read below for more details!


This hour flow will move you through a creative sequence, mixing active and restorative poses to balance your mind and body leaving you feeling grounded and relaxed.

Preparation for class

  • Because this is a live class done via video, we ask that you download the software (or app if you’re on mobile) when prompted. There’s no account registration or anything like that, and you’ll only have to do it the first time.
  • Please set up your yoga mat so that Alana can see at least 75% of your body from the side, or at a slight angle to your phone or computer camera.  If you are in a cramped spot and you need to look straight into the camera, that’s fine.
  • This is your practice and your home, but remember you are not alone. Just as you have the ability to see every student and the teacher, they can all see you. Please be considerate in your dress and practice  environment. Keep it as sparse as possible.
  • Turn up your volume and keep your device charged.

That’s it! Have a great time and let us know what you think!