Yoga for Good Sleep w/ Amy (30 min) MON 9PM ET // 6PM PT


Yoga for Good Sleep (a guided relaxation class, also known as Yoga Nidra) offers you the opportunity to relax, renew, and recharge yourself. Practicing in a supported reclining or comfortably seated position, you’ll be guided through breath awareness, rotation of consciousness, feelings and sensations, and a visualization. The practice is designed to offer you a gentle structure through which you may move into your internal experience with awareness. Deeply refreshing, one hour of guided relaxation is said to be equivalent to four hours of sleep!

Everyone can practice guided relaxation. Wear comfortable clothing and have a blanket or blankets for support and warmth. Then, just settle in and enjoy!

  • Class Level: all levels
  • Ease/Intensity: Almost no movement
  • Props: A blanket or blankets for support and warmth.

About Your Teacher: Amy Jensen began teaching yoga in 2002 and has a variety of certifications and specialties including being a visual artist, a certified yoga therapist, and professional astrologer. In 2015, Amy received a certificate of completion from Duke Integrative Medicine for “Yoga of Awareness for Cancer”. She is also a Certified Mindful Yoga Works Teacher (Level 2) through Jim and Kimberly Carson (  Amy continues to expand her knowledge and practice with studies of other yoga modalities such as Ayurveda, Bach flower remedies, and Reiki/energy work. 

Learn more about Amy here.

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