MON: 5:30 – 6:30pm Functional Movement and Flow w/ Ashley // Yoga Garden


This class focuses on preventative and corrective exercise to help progress your practice and rebalance your body. We will begin class with gentle movement and yoga flows to warm the body, targeting balance and stability. By incorporating kettlebell movements, body weight training, and resistance band work, we will build strength and stamina, and close class with yoga postures aligned to mobilize stiff joints and lengthen tightened muscles. This class is designed to be a supplement to your yoga practice by creating complementary movement patterns to create optimal strength and balance of the joints.

Class Level: All Levels
Ease/Intensity: Accessible, stability focused, purposeful movement
Props: Ideally 2 blocks (books or cans could work as an alternative), a kettlebell/dumbbell (gallon jug of water filled to weight of choice), and resistance bands if you have them.

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