WED: 11:00 – 12:00pm Gentle: Roll and Release w/ Angela Tara Hsu // Yoga Garden


This class is ideal for anyone wanting to work on stress release, flexibility, and balance in a way that is gradual and comfortable. We will ease into a variety of Hatha yoga postures, breath work, and focused relaxation. Designed to help students slowly stretch tight muscles and loosen stiff joints, this class also incorporates myo-fascial release techniques. Students will be taught how to use therapeutic balls, blocks and other props to release tight fascia, trigger points that cause restrictions and discomfort, and increase blood flow and circulation to soft tissues. All levels welcome.

Class Level: Beginner/All Levels
Ease/Intensity: Gentle, restful, slow holds
Props: 2 myofascial release balls (or borrow your dog’s tennis balls), and ideally 2 blocks (books or cans could work as an alternative), a bolster, strap, and blanket (couch pillows, belt/neck tie and towels are great substitutes)

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