Teach on Ompractice


Teach When You Can

Teach at a time that works for your life, knowing that somewhere on the planet, it’s the perfect time for someone else’s practice too.

Choose Your Rates

No more negotiating with studios. Set your per-student rate and get paid what you’re worth.

Activate Your Community

Ompractice is about freeing teachers and students from limiting geography, and connecting people from all over the world.

Ompractice exists because we believe yoga teachers should be able
to make a good living doing what they love.

As we grow, we will have room for many more teachers to lead classes on our public schedule.  For now, in order to manage the process and situational urgency, we’ve established an onboarding path for any fully insured teacher to teach to their community in a way that works for teachers and students alike.

Please note that to start, all new teachers remain OFF the main Ompractice public schedule.
This means that you’ll have a page set up with your classes, and
you will be marketing to your own community.

We highly recommend you take a free class on us to see if you like it!
Use code TEACHERTEST for any class on Ompractice.

Here are the basic details on pricing:

  • We are waiving our $150 set up fee. 
  • Our monthly teacher platform pricing is currently $75/month. To accommodate as many teachers as we can, because we are waiving set up fees, and trying to support as many people as we can, we are asking that you pay your first 3 months upfront as a non-refundable. No further commitment is required. This will allow us to onboard as many people as we can quickly and efficiently. 
  • We do not take a percentage of your revenue. You set your own drop in rates, and you will get all of your per-class earnings minus credit card processing fees. 
  • We are giving you your own free teacher membership to Ompractice so you can practice as much as you want (if you already have one, we will refund this month and make it free going forward)

What this includes:

  • Your own Ompractice page with your classes set up 
  • A Zoom pro-license, paid for in full by Ompractice.
  • A schedule with up to 10 classes/wk to start for your own community of students
  • We take care of 100% of the backend for you from video to web to payment.  You just teach.

Additionally, you must carry liability insurance and be able to submit proof of it during onboarding.

This is a chance for you to see if you like teaching classes online, and to get paid competitively doing it. We are looking for teachers who are talented, committed to the mission of bringing great yoga to everyone who wants it, have a passion for teaching and learning, and reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Ompractice Teachers are the heart of our company, and we’re really happy that you’re interested in teaching on our platform. If you have any questions, please contact us at teach@ompractice.com.

Upon payment, you will immediately be directed to our self-onboarding process

3 month commitment


Paid Quarterly ($225)

Teach what you love
Keep all class revenue*
14 classes/wk to start
Free Ompractice membership!

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No Ongoing Commitment

Teach what you love
Keep all class revenue*
10 classes/wk to start
Free Ompractice membership!


* minus credit card processing fees

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does teaching on Ompractice work? We use Zoom as our video software, and classes are run via two way video. All students must have their camera on for safety and liability. 

What kind of equipment do I need to teach on Ompractice: we ask that all teachers teach from a laptop so they can manage the class. (Teaching from a phone is only okay in emergency backup situations as the phone doesn’t allow you to easily view all your students at once, nor does it give easy access to the host tools.) You need a strong WiFi connection.

How much am I paid? You set your own drop in prices, and keep all class revenue (minus credit card processing fees). You can set the prices you want, usually around $8 for a 30 minute class, and between $12 and $25 for longer hour or seventy five minute classes. Because you market to your own community, you understand their needs best!

How frequently am I paid? We do monthly payouts through our Gusto HR software. Note, if you are teaching from outside of the US, we have a slightly different payout process through Bill.com. 

Am I demoing or teaching? Teaching via two way video is a little different than in-person classes. We recommend that you spend most of your time teaching and guiding your students through oral feedback. If you need to demo a pose, that’s fine – but the best classes are usually weighted on teaching. (We encourage you to take any of our classes on the public schedule to get a better idea of best practices and how to do this!) 

How do I manage my classes? Registration is all done on the Ompractice platform. You may choose to admit your students one by one to class, and you do not need to admit students later than 5-7 minutes into a short class, or 15 minutes into a long class. (It’s at your discretion if you don’t want people disrupting class.) Students are required to use their video for safety and liability. If they choose to keep their video off, you should notify them of the requirement, and remove them from the class. We ask that you start and end classes on time!