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Class at the Right Time

Practice (or teach!) at a time that works for YOU.

Save Time Everytime

We know you are super busy. That's why we are saving you the time to and from a studio leaving you more time for YOU.

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Video Classrooms

Group classes are made possible through two way video.

Teachers that Teach

Instead of teachers who practice and make you imitate them, our teachers SEE you and teach to YOU!

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Practice with Others

Practice with people from all over the world.

Stay in Your Practice

When you know the teachers sees you, you are less likely to bail out and get distracted 🙂

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It’s All AboutYour Practice

OmPractice was founded on the belief that high-quality live yoga instruction should be available to anyone anywhere at anytime.

These classes are LIVE, where teachers see all of their students, and all of the students can see each other. Our aim is to make life easier for teachers and students, where time isn’t lost to commutes, and the practice is affordable.

We also believe your practice at home can create practice elsewhere, so we donate a percentage of each class to charity. That’s how your #practicemakespractice.

OmPractice is two-way live online yoga. That means the teacher can see the students, and the students can see each other. This creates a safer and more effective class than just following along blindly to a video or podcast.

What You Need: A computer with a webcam, or a mobile device that you can keep charged throughout class. A yoga mat, and something that can function as a strap (like a towel), and a yoga block (like a book). Try and place the camera about 7-8 ft from your mat and have it view you from the side or a 45 degree angle.

To log on to your class: simply click the link in the receipt that was sent to you upon purchase. You may be prompted to download the software or install the app on a mobile device. It is a 1 time, 1 click 20 second download that you never need to do again, and it won’t ask you to create an account.

Once you log on, you will be viewable from the start, along with your name, and your mic may be muted. If you have a question just raise your hand and your teacher can unmute you. It’s totally fine to ask a question before class begins, but your mic will likely be muted during class just in case something loud (barking dog, crying baby) comes through.

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Camera Placement: Lean your phone or your place computer against a wall about 7-8ft away from your mat.

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Our StudentsLove Our Classes

“I’m picky, so having constant access to teachers I trust instead of whoever is at the studio that day is big for me”EK - Chicago, IL, USA

I’ve saved countless hours and dollars in commuting time alone, all while taking classes from teachers I admire!KL - Boston, MA USA