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Choose the length of the subscription - 1, 3, or 12 whole months!


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Upon purchase, you'll get a link to download a beautiful gift certificate or we'll mail you a hard copy at no charge!


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Enjoy the feeling of giving someone the power of practice with a live teacher, wherever they may be.



Will gift subscriptions automatically renew?

No. Your subscription will end on the last day of the alotted time. The recipient will have the opportunity to continue their subscription at the normal monthly rate to avoid interruption.

After purchase, how will I receive my gift certificate?

Once you purchase, you will immediately be guided to a link where you can download your gift certificate.  You can also go to if you need to print or download a second copy. You can also choose to have a hard copy mailed to you that you can fill out and present to someone. This will be sent to the billing address within two days of purchase.

How will the person recieving my gift redeem it?

Whether it's a digital or hard copy, the person receiving your generous gift will have a unique code on their card. They simply go to (this very page!) and click the "REDEEM THIS GIFT" link under the proper subscription level.  The membership will be automatically added to their card, where they can input their unique code.

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