Do what you love. Be your own boss.
Earn what you deserve.

You love yoga so much that you’ve invested in yourself to become a teacher and share your passion with others.  

We know it’s hard to make ends meet. Teaching doesn’t pay what it should, and commuting eats away at your time and earnings.  

OmPractice changes that.

We believe everyone, no matter where they live, should have access to great yoga instruction. We believe good yoga instructors should have the opportunity to earn a living doing what they do best.

OmPractice connects teachers and students for live, interactive online yoga classes than can be taught and taken from home or anywhere you might be. Teachers decide what kind of class they want to teach and set the price that students pay.  The more students in your class, the more you earn.

If you are passionate about your practice, have completed your 200-hour teacher training, and are willing to teach students from all walks of life, let’s talk.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Simple. We want you to be at home in class.

OmPractice uses video technology to allow yoga students to participate in live online classes. The instructor can see the students practicing and offer personal correction and instruction, just as you would in the studio.  The students see the teacher and one another as a group. Even though we’re online, we still create a strong sense of community and experience the joy of practicing together.

It’s a perfect opportunity for every kind of teacher to see their teaching make a difference.

OmPractice is an amazing opportunity for teachers of all levels of experience looking for a new way to connect with students. No more worrying if your pre-recorded videos are making an impact. Now you can see it in real time, all from the convenience of home.

Do you know five people anywhere in the world who want to practice with you? Teachers on OmPractice earn more per class with just 5 students than an average studio class. 

The benefits of teaching with OmPractice:

  • You can teach from home. From a studio. From a gym. From the beach. From the forest. Anywhere you can be heard and seen using your phone or computer!
  • You can teach the class you want to teach, the way you want to teach it.
  • You can teach as few or as many classes each week as you like, and schedule them for times that suit your life.
  • And you can schedule them a few days or a few weeks ahead.
  • You will see all your students, and be able to offer individualized support, just as you would in the studio.
  • Promote your classes to your followers and friends and increase what you earn. We’ll help!

Interested? If you’re ready to talk, fill out our teacher application and we’ll be in touch right away!

Why Teach an OmPractice?

No More Commutes!

As a teacher, you may spend just as much time getting to and from class, paying for parking, and hustling to the studio as you do actually teaching. We want you to teach from a place of comfort, and get more time back in your day. A relaxed teacher is an effective teacher.

Teach When You Can

One of the biggest obstacles to teaching is finding a time slot at a studio in which to teach. We want you to be able to teach at a time that works for your life, knowing that somewhere on the planet, it’s the perfect time for someone else’s practice too.

Choose Your Rate

If you do manage to land a class at a studio, often it can be for much less money than you need to make a living. We also believe that people should be paid what they are worth. If you are an incredible teacher, you may command a higher rate, so we let teachers set their per-student cost.

It’s Fun

Where else will you have the opportunity to teach people from all over the planet in the same class? OmPractice is about freeing teachers and students from their limiting geography, and creating a platform to connect and share yoga between all people.

About Our Process

Application to teach

  • 01

    You will first be asked to submit an application (here). After that, you will be contacted by a member of our teacher support team (TST) to set up a test class

  • 02

    We will get on a conference call with you to make sure you know how to use the software as a teacher.

  • 03

    The next step is when we take your class! You get to share your yoga as you like.

  • 04

    Finally, we work with you to set up your teaching profile and schedule. Not every teacher may be admitted on their first try, as we need to ensure core competencies to keep students safe.

Create Profile

  • 01

    Your profile will include your picture, a short bio that includes your certifications and education, and other pertinent info about you and your teaching.

  • 02

    Your schedule is yours to make and keep. You will be able to create class times up to 2 hours before you teach. Keep in mind the longer it is up and available, the more people have a chance to attend!

Teach, Share, Get Paid

  • 01

    We will assist you with analytics once you have been teaching for a month or 5 classes, whichever comes first.

  • 02

    You set your per-student charge. You decide what your time is worth and price accordingly

  • 03

    Currently up to 45 students may take any class of yours at anytime!