Ompractice x Health New England

Yoga covered by your health insurance plan? It’s here! 

Ompractice began with a mission to wildly increase access to the benefits of high-quality yoga and mindfulness for those who can’t make it to a studio for any number of common financial, geographic, or scheduling issues.

It’s been an incredible journey so far: we’ve had thousands of people take classes from across the US and more than a dozen countries.. At the same time, we are working hard to make connections and build community right in our own backyard. 

That is why we’re thrilled to launch a new partnership with regional health plan Health New England, offering discounted memberships to Ompractice  that are reimbursable under the wellness benefit for eligible members. This means most plan members can practice yoga with us essentially for free

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Based in Springfield, Massachusetts, Health New England is a not-for-profit health plan serving members in Massachusetts and Connecticut. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Baystate Health, Health New England offers a range of health care plans in the commercial, Medicaid and Medicare markets. 

We couldn’t be happier to be impacting our own community in Western Mass while working hand-in-hand with an innovative health organization like Health New England.

This partnership allows Health New England to offer a range of incredibly convenient, high quality yoga classes to eligible members of their health plans through the Ompractice online resource. The benefits of this partnership include: 

  • Health New England members have access to over 70 Ompractice classes per week of live online interactive yoga with the accountability and community of a live studio, but the freedom to take classes from anywhere, at times that are convenient.
  • Eligible members can use their Health New England wellness reimbursement benefit to pay for a monthly or annual subscription to Ompractice. 

What people are saying: 

“Health New England is excited to partner with Ompractice to offer easily accessible and affordable quality yoga classes to our members. Health New England associates have been participating in a 3-month yoga program pilot with Ompractice, and the feedback has been very positive” states Katie Bruno, Health New England’s Public Health and Wellness Program Manager.

Health New England associate Erin Kalagher adds, “Ompractice has helped me improve my yoga greatly. The classes are convenient and affordable with different levels of difficulty to choose from, and every instructor I’ve had has been clearly passionate about helping each student become better. I’m grateful Health New England introduced this program to us, and I’m looking forward to continuing my practice with Ompractice.”

We’re looking forward to seeing lots of new faces in our classes as this program rolls out! 

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