Ompractice Outcomes: MIIA Case Study

How the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Agency (MIIA) provides the benefits of yoga and meditation to their entire population with Ompractice

While looking to scale their wellness benefits for their insured customers, MIIA partnered with Ompractice to roll out an easy to use, affordable solution to provide yoga to everyone of their 24,000 members across Massachusetts.

The Challenge: The Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Agency (MIIA) was looking for a scalable solution to provide yoga and meditation to their population of 24,000 insured members across a range of towns and cities in Massachusetts.

Customers were asking for it: MIIA had already invested in on-site yoga for several of their site locations, but this was a costly endeavor – they were spending thousands of dollars a year to cover only in a few regions and could not serve the entirety of their membership. While there was some interest, few people would or could show up on a regular basis, and it wasn’t a scalable way to provide access to the benefits of yoga for a covered population that in general experiences demands on their bodies as part of their employment.

The Population: MIIA members are predominately municipal employees and as a result use their bodies often as part of their day to day work and life.

  • Ages range from early twenties to mid seventies.
  • Members are located throughout Massachusetts, including very rural areas.

The Solution: MIIA works with Ompractice to roll out the platform to all 24,000 members at once, within weeks achieving milestones of 5% of the covered population signed up on the platform and taking classes – far beyond the reach of any on-site experience, averaging 5 classes per month per user. 

We offer Ompractice memberships to the 24,000 people we provide health insurance to, and we’re thrilled by the participation so far. Our members are taking classes before work, after work, on the weekends — and they’ve told us how grateful they are to have access to great instructors from home. Ompractice is a perfect fit for us.

Wendy Gammons, Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance

The Results: a successful 3 month pilot led to an annual agreement and a co-creation of additional classes (ex: yoga for lower back pain) that serve the MIIA and Ompractice communities at the same time.

"There are other programs where users can watch recorded videos, but this offers an opportunity to practice with other people and live instructors wherever there is an internet connection. It is also great because even though you cannot see the other students close up, it is great to know there are other people out there practicing with you."

Working together: At Ompractice, our mission is to provide the benefits of excellent yoga and meditation to students who may not otherwise have access or the inclination to practice. In partnering with MIIA, we were thrilled to see the community eagerly adopt and grow their signups and classes taken by over 25% every single quarter since 2019.

Key Highlights:

  • Quick on-boarding and roll out of the program
  • Scalable solution: thousands of participants in the program signed up and taking classes
  • New students enrolled every ongoing communication (not one and done)
  • Our most successful students practice an average of 3 days a week
  • Sustained engagement: Over 25% growth in each quarter of 2019.
  • Used to specifically help prevent (and speed up recovery from) back, neck, and other join-related injuries.

Ompractice works with health insurance companies of any size to create effective programming and roll outs to support their members health and fitness goals.

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