Ompractice in the workplace.

How One Busy Mom Started a Workplace Yoga Program Using Ompractice and How You Can, Too

Joan Perreault is a busy working mom of a 1-year-old, but she’s not letting that get in the way of her yoga practice—thanks to Ompractice.

When the Northampton, MA, resident started a new job a few months ago, she was missing the great lunchtime yoga program she had at her previous company (the teacher came to their campus twice a week). So when she heard about Ompractice, she knew it was the perfect way to bring the teacher she loved to her new job.

“I was determined to find a way to have lunchtime yoga,” says Perreault, who works for study abroad program CISabroad. “Having kids, it’s hard to find time in the evening or weekend. Yoga is really important to me; it makes me feel better physically and mentally.”

Perreault reached out to her teacher, Emily Wiadro, who loved the idea of joining Ompractice.  Perreault’s bosses were also totally sold on the idea of bringing yoga to the workplace, and now Perreault has the same yoga teacher at her new job! Via two-way camera this time, of course.

“We worked with Ompractice to make it work for us. My company clears the chairs and tables out of a conference room twice a week, and everyone pays individually. My company offers everyone a $200 benefit for personal fitness or wellbeing, so many of us plan to use that to cover the $5/class fee,” says Perreault.

Ompractice Unites Colleagues Around the World

Now, about a dozen of Perreault’s co-workers participate in Wiadro’s 30-Minute Vinyasa class once or twice a week, including the president of the company! And thanks to Ompractice’s technology, colleagues around the world join in via webcam, too.

Lunchtime yoga with Ompractice.

“Our site director in Italy, our recruiter in Alabama, we all take the same class and the platform allows us to see each other. It’s a cool way to bring more people in the company together and feel more bonded.”

Plus, the screen they use is so big that it “almost” feels like Wiadro is in the room with them, Perreault says.

“We chitchat with her at the beginning and end of class, which I appreciate. It feels like you’re getting to know the instructor as a person, not just watching a video online. And it eliminates commuting time and the cost of gas.”

How to Start Your Own Workplace Yoga Program

Interested in starting your own workplace yoga program? Perreault suggests finding key stakeholders at your company who support the initiative, then making a clear pitch.

“Offer them a free class. Use clear visuals to show what it would look like, and who would pay. Let them know that it wouldn’t cost them anything, they just have to provide the space and technology. Explain that their employees will be more relaxed, better focused, and happier knowing they’re getting a break during the work day, which is great for retention and mental and physical health.”

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